Thursday, August 12, 2010

summer to do list....

Summer is coming to an end & i hate it, i feel like i still have so many things on my "summer to do list" to still get done.
Summer to do List
go on date with Hala: dinner at red robin & then watched inception
take a small road trip to the lake: Bear Lake with fam and friends
make a new friend: all you blogger & twitter friends + a few more
do something for myself: got a Brazilian Blowout from Laura Powell {best thing ever} go get one! 801.427.1830 {pics to come}
clean out my closets, & donate old stuff: done, done & done
go on a picnic
go see an outdoor concert:Jack Johnson TOMORROW
back to school {even tho i'm not in school} shopping
go fishing
get a tan:got one {i'm brown}
go to California: went to orange county with my folks, lil sister and Tay
have a fun game night
host a BBQ
throw a party: Taylah's 4th birthday
Slumber Party with my sisters preferably on a trampoline
I have about 14 days left until hala has to go back to school. I better cram my last 5 things on my list in to my schedule. Do you have a summer to do list? Have you done anything on my list?
Hope you all enjoy the last few weeks of summer, i know i will!
Post Song:Jack Johnson................."Rodeo Clowns {live}" Because who doesn't like jack live.

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