Thursday, August 26, 2010

concert season...

there are very few things better then going to a concert with Hala & our friends. This summer we {hala & i} have only been to a few, but they were all AMAZING! We went to Jack Johnson/ALO/, Norah Jones/Corinne Bailey Rae, & Steel Pulse. Each concert was fun, and memrable & i can't wait too end the summer by seeing She & Him this TODAY!!!!

Corinne bailay rea & norah jones at Red Butte Gardens, it was so beautiful that night. We didn't have tickets to get in {sold out way to fast}, so we sat & chilled on the hill in front of the venue where we could see the stage. It was so much fun, we ordered pizza and enjoyed the wonderful music.

me +tay

hala + tay

Craig + Hailey


Jack Johnson was one of the best concerts i've ever seen. I had so much fun with my boys {hala, mark & Jojo}.

{jack johnson with alo & glove}

Post Song: She & Him....................."black hole" because, i hope i hear this song tonight!

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  1. Okay do you only hang out with pretty people??? goodness! Love all those singers and I need to get to a concert... I haven't been to one in YEARS!


thanks so much for the love note