Monday, July 5, 2010

cali girl

Last night my mom, sister Steph, Taylah and i flew into Long Beach to meet my dad to play & work for the next five days. I'm so happy usually when i come to LA to work i have to leave my family behind and i always miss them especially Hala & Tay. This time won't be half as bad I'm only gonna be mission on Hala. I am born and raised in Utah {orem} but, every time i come to Cali i feel like I'm home, like I'm meant to be a Cali Girl or something. Hopefully when Hala is done with school {1-2years} my dream will come true. Until then I'll just have to enjoy my almost monthly visits. What do you love about California and do you want to move here with me?

Post Song: Phantom Planet.....California {oc, theme song}
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