Thursday, July 15, 2010

Betty & Don Draper

Mad Men is Back or at least will be back the 25th of July & i can't wait. Mad Men is the only show that hala and i faithfully watch each episode every Sunday night. One of the things i love about his show is the wardrobe, i want to be wearing Betty, Joan, and even Peggy's clothes. To watch a clip of whats to come wardrobe wise next season click here.

I found these cute "Mad Men" inspired looks at modcloth. What do you think? What dress would Betty, Joan, and Peggy wear?


  1. LOVE Mad Men!!! It's my favorite show. Not only do I love the wardrobe, but the houses and props used on the show are incredible!

  2. I totally love the blue dress. iTs so classy and it reminds me of audrey hepburn. Great outfits

  3. I love those so so very much....I think the yellow one especially might be calling my name louder than the others!

  4. I would want to wear the yellow one... If I could wear yellow that is. Super cute!


thanks so much for the love note