Tuesday, October 26, 2010

halloween party ideas

Photos found here

Perfect for any Halloween Party!! What are your plans for the weekend? trick or treating? trunker treating? party's? are you dressing up?


  1. NYC lady! that's what we're doing! i can't wait to go see friends and make some new ones too!

    those photos put me in such a spooky halloween spirit! i love it!

  2. Cute ideas!
    We're taking the boys out trick-or-treating the night of. They're going to be monkeys this year. Since we're a little broke, my sister has a Chewbacca costume from years ago, so I'll wear that to semi-match with the monkey theme I guess. :p

  3. I'm just exhausted thinking about halloween decorations! I'm such a bum when it comes to decorating for any holiday. Maybe I'll actually do something fun/festive for Christmas this year. MAYBE.


thanks so much for the love note