Sunday, June 6, 2010

you had me at HELLO.

Bijou Market I LA LA LOVE you...

I went to Bijou Market for the first time on Saturday Morning. You would think the hot sun and a crying little girl would have prevented me from having fun right? No, I had so much fun shopping with my mom, sisters & sister in laws {Crystal & Jill}. I especially loved when one of my sisters took my crying child down to the park. I fell in love with everything i saw, unfortunately my funds wouldn't allow me to buy everything at the Market. Here are a few of my favorite things i got.

I Love this " I LOVE US" Poster From KANTAN DESIGNS, I cant wait to frame it and put it on my wall. This headband is adorable and Talyah and i can share it. It is from Wendy And Peter.

I saved the best for last this Chevron stripped pillow {that i could seriously marry} from Modern Thread. It was $35.00 there were two pillows but i only got one, i was crying all night because i didn't buy them both. Hopefully i can order another one.

Did any of you go to Bijou Market? What did you buy? Did any of you find something you loved but didn't buy and now want {like me}?


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