Friday, May 14, 2010

Here are some fun songs that i adore listening to right now. I'm completely obsessed with She & Him, and The Avett Brothers. Its nice to have fun, good music the whole family can enjoy together. My 3 year old Taylah loves dancing with me while we sing "In the Sun" {her personal favorite}. Click on the song to enjoy.

  1. Animal Liberation Orchestra -- Monday

  2. Vedera -- Halo

  3. The Avett Brothers -- Murder in the City

  4. Mayer Hawthoren -- Maybe so Maybe no

  5. She & Him -- In the Sun

  6. Across the Univers {sound track} -- Blackbird

  7. The Avett Brothers -- Incomplete and Insecure

  8. Jack Johnson -- You and Your Heart

  9. Ben Kweller -- Falling

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